full service love kafka character: part V


kevin costello, brother matt, matt wascovich and mike watt


pedro's sunken city
big boy on drugs
feeling the feeling
and sealing the peeling


tiny johnson
had it in my hand
little buddha statue
somehow spouted gallons


"love is leaf-like"
stay sober mantra
miss your mind
take it in the ass with a merlot enima


part my hair
shave my nuts
right on
the spot & longshoremen


city of humidity & angels
no room for sitting meditation
in a new age colon cleansing
will still usher in use of bad grammar


I'm in love
isabel is drinking again
and cussin'
right on! pass that fuckin' rum down!


chonies in a bunch
mouth full of fist
frisco rolls out into fog
thrill kills


insert injector
erect protector
down shifting and
wanting like billie holiday


unable to give
whores a direct look
why? what's up with that?
eyes are permanently crossed, g


"this ain't the corn palace!"
yelling in front of pedro post office
"this is how the corn tastes?"
feeling undelivered


outta my skull on alcohol
out w/my pole like a catapult
two more coronas, brother matt
Hey, I'm no fucking waitress


king-size monster bean blast blow
pants down, ready to fill chow plate
watt at the practice pad
outside hearing muffled rage


whistle tune smile, thinking nasty thoughts
everybody's working for the weak flush?
"I've worked for people like you."
stink muttered in disgust


110 south, the shoreline
foggy landslide jump-off spot
willing to consume
tacos at the end of civilization


fingerprints found on shaft of
man of charity
jury verdict
better to be judged by twelve than buried by six


clubhouse homestretch swingin' spank jockey
brain stuffed in lunch pail
internet in Belize
el porno de la chica


wah wah on full tilt
when I lifted up my kilt
I think you dropped the baby
say what!


we all ride the wire
by $1000 electric polymer love dolls
and batteries for the buttplugs


hey watt!
what is the problem?
what is the big idea?
what who?


don't brown shirt me!
armband me instead
no more ring around the collar


just wanting to get naked
but trapped in changing room
emily paused
dress & thick shoes




ken doll
a sports bar sophisticate


formal ebonics lesson # 420:
is not a word


shit stain reality check
finds posers
in the water


goat rope fish dick
but when sealed in plastic, it
don't give me no lip


uncork the flow
turn on the monitor
unbuckle the belt
turn off the monitor


sick seal solo horn honk for clown fart medley
me, in the crowd, waving
cops looking through window
hide the rubbers


dreams of paul desmond waltzing


get up & out
get a funky walk on
get a blow job just for fun
get to thinking about the senselessness of five shot dead at the wendy's

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all rights reserved

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