full service love kafka character: part IV


kevin costello, brother matt, matt wascovich and mike watt


another circus in town
another tent in which to vent
tightrope walker
and mime forgetting his lines


she said,
craziness does not have to be a bad thing
and your ontology is
like bells that are struck don't have to ring


Angie fenced my shit
and strutted like jimmy j.j. walker
her hair in my mouth
my farts in the breeze


soft target for the high altitude plop
flop house
landing at
the love grotto pillow pile


waterfall in
chin's garden #7, doggie
a bib for this froggy
lo fi lo mien fizzle


I want to be popular!
the gap adds have me convinced,
you are the one who will have to choose
what is easy on the eyes


starting w/the affirmation of man
his action was affirmative
strong black coffee
except accept the concept and execution


cle to sp next week: wasco in the P house
touching down at LAX, wake up fool!
take the four O five like OJ
who found watt konked out in the shit house?


"burn rubba mutha fucka!"
cool tube kind
finds ripped-through mind
she is puppet


and dreaming up hillbilly pseudonyms
stink - weird shit, like head cheese
these words, they defeat me


whatever you do in the
library will need toilet paper
searching the stacks for gethsemani




cross the flats if you want
circle the sharps for a taunt
behind bars
feeling tuned down like E flat


folded like a towel
having made my decision
special smooth shaved sack in fresh sarong wrap
like a cerrote w/corn in it


to be
not conscious is copping out
an insult


who am I to say
this is surprise
blizzard of oz trombone tribute band
where am I to pay?


your legs are pay to play
your thighs are high interest
recycle cool words
fingering fresh turds


learn your birds
from mouth, through body, then dumped
with brand new dukey bird style


no one needs to know
says man w/white pointy hood
his fear grips
him in secret dreams of making love to negro women


released from the county,
greeting that bright orange sun with
fish and eggs at Canetti's
and a prayer before grub


scratchin' in my marble memo
ol' silvertone raunchy funk slide
piles pillars of tones, streamlined
a rally, photographs


tripod dogs
like a workman w/holes or a
peg leg with walking sticks
stoking fire


just you and me
and an idea makes three
where behavior is a chapter
no appendix apology


listen up charlie brown!
your views are bullshit
that's what she told me
after I read what she wrote me


camping trip
canned heating stories
like the eggs from a headful of lice,
dreams come true


leave the child alone,
dinged longboard at gas chambers
pieces of gold teeth in hamburgers
and hand-on-hip attitude


mexicans in second hand fedoras
the sale to make the pale look mighty,
cockfights at the forum this summer
vince on a bus from echo park


so misunderstood
metaphor became


boner stiffens
a quick fix
sweet tasty golden carmel tan candy skin
george jonesin'


pullin' away like B.A. in the A-Team Van
carved in a rock,
these words if heard might rally the herds!
batteries not included

who wrote which line?

copyright 2000 full service love kafka character crew

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