full service love kafka character: part III


kevin costello, brother matt, matt wascovich and mike watt


it's a jimmy smith organ freakout
jukebox dollars gone
but gots tulips on his
"jimmy organs," blowin' 'em out cheap


grandpa in america to work
post jerked-via-earcandy destiny
migrants shopping for cheap abortions
...the dream lives on !


damper found in pamper
inside empty sad sack
sadhu sits desire in check
don't break things


going out in costume
a suburban halloween
funny dick-for-nose glasses
everyday is a holiday... don't bust the bubble


boiler room juicer
blank lust
and bank statements
in rank basements


job winning behind closed doors
wide open full window view show
just before seed toss
got drunk and gave myself a splendid haircut

face caught in zipper
he can't find his lucky hat
lost unsure at the keypad
jones, bogarting the green ones


I don't believe in the moon
I don't believe in blind obedience
I don't believe in baggypants
I don't believe in junk mail


nightstick darkness drives dives deepest
put on Miles's Budo so that
dancing could best express my sadness
as pukes round out my evening time


after pulling taffy all day
I've been pushed around tonight
a stop for moonlight crab dance
timeout on church step


chronic homestyle smilin' bomber burning
his bonus high-hat spring compressed,
Blakey is on the drums
big shoes! people get outta the way!


holding a big hot wet sloppy al pastor burrito especial
holding the application for rodeo clown and nervous
holding it together w/quiver lip
holding his dick out in front of people


unused TV piled up w/nonuse and dust
regis, put back in his box
poorly painted nudes hanging crooked
WOW! great party!


sunset on lake erie
for pedro dudes, only theory
once you know, you can never again not know
3 a.m. running in the rain, alone


and w/sharp fingers
cut the crap!
Now, how does this feel, my darling?


like a monk closes a door
artfully shaking the salt over hash browns
tinkling the spaces between the notes
...just another donkey show


meliorate stepping up to the plate
saving that last blast for
on stage he knew that
there is a certain terror to tile floors


it's a come up
for Bolan, a rip off
corkscrew wig
plastic dick


hard slam flatback in evening gutter crumble,
I heard what sounded like bees
watt's amp, plugged in
his heart, pumped plump dumps


6:30 easter morning memoir:
brother matt live from pedro says
I remember I remember faux pas turntables skips
"sew the foot onto the ankle, not the crotch, doc"


let's blow this hole. I'm ready to roll.
part my hair
throw on the jeans
and fart in my chair


just before blasting a hole through the sheets, I
woke up feeling the boom of doom
the burn to learn
tell me, where do you hide your cookies?


choice reprise, dance 'round may
pole, stuck in mouth
shoplifting soap
nora busted in pittsburgh


london, brick roads and snooker
tango dreams of dancing naked with Charo
whispering nasty vespers
head still firmly up arse


singapore slings in a swing chair
fumbling w/a bowl of rice
while searching my armpits for lice
I can now use chopsticks


after hearing george w's spiel
I don't find sit-coms funny
or relevant
so stick that in your pipebong and smoke it


unbroken stare down
butt-floss bikinis, bare brown
baggy pant dilettante drug takers


only the oldest elders knew of the three roads to heaven:
growing a mustache
writing code


black boys blowing
horn modeling parker
winning jimbo his trophy
everybody digs good jams, sancho


immersed in the puddin'
much more different than the dream
in the end
I figured it all out after I fasted

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