The Classical Greeks
were not influenced
by the Classical Greeks


The Romans left a likeness of Her for posterity -- She was shown as a
grotesque woman with a pale and ghastly look, Her eyes afire, Her
garment ripped and torn, and as concealing a dagger in Her Bosom. 
Actually, most women look pale and ghastly when concealing a chilly
dagger in their bosoms.

    Her geneology is from the Greeks and is utterly confused.  Either
She was the twin of Ares and the daughter of Zeus and Hera; or She was
the daughter of Nyx, goddess of night (who was either the daughter or
wife of Chaos, or both), and Nyx's brother, Erebus, and whose brothers
and sisters included Death, Doom, Mockery, Misery, and Friendship. 
And that She begat Forgetfulness, Quarrels, Lies, and a bunch of gods
and goddesses like that.

    One day Mal-2 consulted his pineal gland* and asked Eris if She
really created all of those terrible things.  She told him that She
had always liked the Old Greeks, but that they cannot be trusted with
historic matters.  "They were," She added, "victims of indigestion,
you know."

    Suffice it to say that Eris is not hateful or malicious.  But She
is mischievous, and does get a little bitchy at times.

* THE PINEAL GLAND is where each and every one of us can talk to Eris. 
If you have trouble activating your pineal, then try the appendix
which does almost as well.  Reference:  DOGMA I, METAPHYSICS #3, "The
Indoctrine of the Pineal Gland."

                                                             -- Horace

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