No. 2316                                United States.

                                        [Illustration:  a figure with
                                        the balloon, "Look, comrade,
                                        you do your own thing and
                                        I'll do mine!"]

                        THE IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT
                               NORTON I.

Promises to pay the holder hereof the sum of FIFTY CENTS
in the year 1880, with interest at 7 per cent. per annum from
date; the principal and interest to be convertible, at the option of
the holder, at maturity, into 20 yuears 7 per cent.  Bonds are
payable in Gold Coin.

Given under our Royal hand and seal
this 29TH day of AUGUST 1874                    NORTON I, EMPEROR

Security Last Intergalactic
Bank of Malaclypse
Endorsed and Guaranteed

            Printers to His Majesty Norton I, 511 Sansome Street, S.F.

                                                   IN GODDESS WE TRUST

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