14.  Wipe thine ass with What is Written and
                grin like a ninny at What is Spoken.  Take
                thine refuge with thine wine in the Nothing
                behind Everything, as you hurry along the Path.
                                             -- The Purple Sage
                        HBT; The Book of Predications, Chap. 19

Heaven is down.  Hell is up.
This is proven by the fact                             
that the planets and stars
are orderly in their                                     It is my firm
movements,                                 belief that it is a mistake
while down on earth                               to hold firm beliefs
we come close to the
primal chaos.
There are four other proofs,
but I forget them.

            -- Josh the Dill
             King Kong Kabal            Ignotum per ignotius*
                                 *The meaning of this is unknown

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                       at the rest of the page]

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