il sogno del marinaio

"terzo tour 2024"

il sogno del marinaio 'terzo tour 2024'

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   our last il sogno del marinaio gig was 'pert-near seven years ago (oct 22, 2017 in nijmegen, netherlands) and damn if I ain't really ready to jump onboard to grab an oar to help w/paddlin this barque forward/onward/ahead w/more vigor! I know the tour's named after the third il sogno del marinaio eight song album "terzo" that comes out may 3 (you can pre-order it here) however, we're not only supporting that on this sally-forth but also our three song seven inch "wing and a prayer" that actually will spout up first - on march 13! crimony. bof are on improved sequence and we're gonna play most those tunes plus a couple from last tour. like last tour, paolo mongardi will be on drums w/stefano pilia on guitar and myself on bass... all three us were the people who recorded bof "wing and a prayer" and "terzo" also (though we did get help w/some friends on that part). on behalf of the band, I want everyone to know we're very inspired to try our best for every gig on this upcoming tour, play our fucking brains out and bring all we can to the gig-goers in every town we get a chance to bring this latest chapter of il sogno del marinaio music. last but not least, we'er most grateful to swamp for booking this tour, truly.

il sogno del marinaio

"terzo tour 2024"

wed, may 15 in fano, italy at bagno elsa

thu, may 16 in pescara, italy at scumm

fri, may 17 in napoli, italy at auditorium novecento

sat, may 18 in roma, italy at csoa forte prenestino

sun, may 19 in bologna, italy at freakout club

mon, may 20 in milano, italy at arci bellezza

tue, may 21 in prato, italy at orto sonoro santa valvola

wed, may 22 in vicenza, italy at fornace estiva

thu, may 23 in zagreb, croatia at vintage industrial bar

fri, may 24 in belgrade, serbia at elektropionir

sat, may 25 in graz, austria at ppc bar

sun, may 26 in staranzano, italy at dobialab

mon, may 27 in vienna, austria at chelsea

tue, may 28 in brno, czechia at kabinet muz

wed, may 29 in prague, czechia at meet factory

thu, may 30 in hamburg, germany at hafenklang

fri, may 31 in dordrecht, netherlands at ds17

sat, june 1 in antwerp, belgium at blikfabriek

sun, june 2 in london, england at cafe oto

mon, june 3 in colchester, england at the colchester arts centre

thu, june 6 in kinsale, ireland at prim's

fri, june 7 in dublin, ireland at the grand social

sat, june 8 in letterkenny, ireland at rcc

sun, june 9 in glasgow, scotland at the hug and pint

mon, june 10 in newcastle, england at the cluny

tue, june 11 in brighton, england at the hope & ruin

wed, june 12 in charleroi, belgium at le vecteur

thu, june 13 in paris, france at supersonic

fri, june 14 in winterthur, switzerland at kraftfeld

sat, june 15 in villingen, germany at mps studio

il sogno del marinaio in 2017 (l to r) stefano pilia, mike watt + paolo mongardi

stefano pilia, mike watt + paolo mongardi (l to r) in 2017, photo by matilde

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