full service love kafka character: part II


kevin costello (kc), brother matt (bro), matt wascovich (mw) and mike watt (watt)

- who wrote which line version -


day by day, tossing the expectations (watt)
23 . . . short skirt .. .. .. bright g string/spot ... ... front row (bro)
no longer living brave (mw)
the A/C on in the din of strip club land (kc)


today might be the only day that gets done (watt)
she giggled, "you nasty man" (bro)
bums passing beers on the parkbench (kc)
gun in the back blues (mw)


Who are you being? (bro)
thinking how long America will conquer (mw)
shaving all morning away the weekend (kc)
peeking and finding which face in the mirror? (watt)


clearer fears her ever still nearer? (watt)
wallet full of pride (mw)
tan khakis and loafers (kc)
in the center middle balance, where it spins atop a finger (bro)


like a young squirrel tamer's nonstop nipping yapper (bro)
on the downbeat he was
punching up the crankline winder (watt)
and having very real dreams of dogs salivating (kc)


the sun rises and sets, the big life divider (watt)
in the summer garden, the babysitter sits on babies (bro)
backyard experiments with rockets (kc)
spinning record trying to be like richard hell (mw)


grown man eating hostess donettes (kc)
counting calories like a sickness (mw)
harpooning your regular moves (watt)
burn down your comfort zone (bro)


the ways of the clock have drifted for watt (watt)
tearing each day away and yessing (kc)
throwing away the piss bag warming up the hands (mw)
yonder ripe rich thumpin' season sparks await return of dancing thunder (bro)


where do flies go at night? (bro)
inside the womb of trees and (mw)
thus spake Gott: (kc)
his head is a bucket, the world: his mop (watt)


wheelin' and dealin', then kneeling and squealing (bro)
peels and heals the ways that he feels (watt)
to the chuggin' and huggin' of daylight shifter bars (kc)
to mars, to see stars from the passin cars (mw)


hold your card you cheap trick (mw)
the center holds last, the center holds true? (watt)
the school kids cant hear the falconer (kc)
the sweetest meat is closest to the bone (bro)


Come on! break it down (mw)
the Pedro 2-step: one step forward, two steps back (bro)
getting all backwards, thinking that's free (watt)
hungry now and only enough money to read books (kc)


like ghostly midnight truckers speeding on pills (kc)
beggin' the sails to heave up the breeze (watt)
solid as a steel pipe in a clean sheet (bro)
his life is a pattern of roadside stops (mw)


gin on my gums (kc)
he snaps like a rubber band (mw)
stuffed in the eye of the storm of the claptrap (watt)
encore wearing party hats (bro)


rain has stopped this Tuesday (mw)
backing up the backfire, dodging the blowback (watt)
broken spokes on the dharma wheel (kc)
jeez, do you smell something funky, boss? (bro)


busy bee at royal palms, sunny swell, my heaven (bro)
in a white tee shirt (kc)
playing the saying never missing a beat (watt)
waiting to stand up and be something (mw)


clicks on his peep pose (mw)
thick w/the tongue through the teeth (watt)
"ya can't truss it!" (kc)
I'm an ass-kicking pirate and you've wrecked on my reef (bro)


squatter home in the central city (mw)
all day long not wearing socks (kc)
pie filling incrusted in crusts of the rusted (watt)
plum loco, don't stick your thumb in here (bro)


country club clambake w/ crab cake; I feel like tacos (bro)
pockets of nougats, seemingly centered (watt)
Bob sings he's hardly getting used to it at the (mw)
night cars moving and doing so feelingly (kc)


backstage origami fun unfolds dick puppet dragon show theater games (bro)
Vegas electrician in sweaty trousers (mw)
found bundled in middles of bundles of bindles (watt)
a swan named lu lu (kc)


the inside man clock, hands on his hips (watt)
monkeyfist key chain dangles down like a third nut hangin' (bro)
dancing to the drone of "there's some hoes in this house!" (kc)
goes through life w/ requisite zeal (mw)


....and God said,"Cool or Lame, it's your choice, dude." (bro)
w/po-po swagger says (mw)
step aside mutha fucka (kc)
teapot or sugar bowl, what is his trip? (watt)


he's startin' us sallyin' forth w/a form (watt)
sweet honeysuckle moonlight mudflap silhouettes (bro)
shadowing past (kc)
he can't shake the funk (mw)


in nyc trane sits under bad light (mw)
reacting to blanks giving birth for the next number (watt)
to miles davis on the hi fi in a silent way (kc)
the girls in the back giving their boyfriends hummers (bro)


skateboarders on the church steps (kc)
against Cleveland cold (mw)
fighting the numbness, using the role of a plumber (watt)
the pope likes to eat pizza when burnin' a number (bro)


sunday morning spirituals : headboard keeps banging (bro)
sad, sad, sad, (kc)
she longed to have her poems feel like fucking (mw)
plumbing the plumb bob by picking it's hanging (watt)


my mermaid's tail (bro)
and barry white's baby blue panties (kc)
mermaid senses structural damage saying (mw)
a hanging what's hanging fore or aft of the wagon? (watt)


mournful moan from the shower (kc)
thinking the job must Ębe done (mw)
worked away thrice, countersinking the worm hole (watt)
osmosis made me a Mexican (bro)


under hooded blue sweatshirt thinking (kc)
each second's a second falling backwards all bashful (watt)
worried about his mom's mantra: (mw)
rehab is for quitters (bro)


to one free to begun spitting out a new mouthful (watt)
half my gargle beats his whole diss (mw)
am mad now for lonely sax and (kc)
remember, friends : love thy neighbor (bro)

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