full service love kafka character: part I


kevin costello (kc), brother matt (bro), matt wascovich (mw) and mike watt (watt)

- who wrote which line version -


time for a new party hat (bro)
call of service (mw)
change my tie (kc)
insert coin (watt)


makin' love like angus young (kc)
o, fuck, pretty little spring flower (bro)
schlepping yet another album and the latest single (watt)
butt bumping headphones on (mw)


welcome home (mw)
drag queen shoes (kc)
kicking up your heels behind closed doors (bro)
round four, toe to toe w/pop (watt)


had a dream last night (watt)
fat dove on my window (kc)
a spring special (mw)
shaved hamsters look like tiny lions (bro)


roller derby (kc)
puts me in the driver's seat and then (watt)
ralphie whips raquel to me in the olympic auditorium stink of dreams (bro)
gravity is the final fall (mw)


pack of newports in the flowerbed (kc)
hacking up a cool pose, asks: (watt)
how does your garden grow? (bro)
how do you keep it clean? (mw)


kick his shin (kc)
west side of the city (mw)
it takes balls to play the game (bro)
and only seconds to feel the pain (watt)


default (mw)
getting down low in the backseat (bro)
cops  s  l  o  w  l  y  turning angular jaws (kc)
who's fault? (watt)


professing to be the emperor of bathrobes (kc)
girl from the eastern bloc (mw)
the gumby of love, deep inside your book (bro)
the eternal mind-blow (watt)


a naked floating lost-in-space feeling (bro)
longing for (mw)
cold tang (kc)
and the big bang (watt)


helpless in the face of the pain (bro)
gnarly cranky linker (watt)
angry white knuckle fist (kc)
pacifism (mw)


precision (mw)
joy stick master (kc)
welcome to monkeyboy's puppet show (bro)
inside rusted creaker (watt)


stinking armpit freedom (kc)
a freeze-dried fart in a mason's jar (bro)
is twice as nice (mw)
as daisy-fresh fascist smooth-crotch ken doll (watt)


chongo, howling fire returns, in your face (bro)
constellations and driftwood (mw)
alpha dogging (kc)
the wild pack of monkeybrains (watt)


attitude is corruption (mw)
and verbing on your walking (kc)
go buy a fancy doodle pad (bro)
and use that pen you pulled out of your ass (watt)


friendly guerilla butterfly fighter up my tree (bro)
fearless (mw)
little punk (kc)
motherfuckers wanna beat down ice cube (watt)


righteous black slinger of spiel (watt)
look out man! (mw)
the freak show is back in town! (bro)
call the lovers of big bras (kc)


love blossom throb gobbler in the warm sunshine (bro)
failure to stretch (mw)
pushing shoving (kc)
popping clutch in the groin (watt)


he hugged like a dad (mw)
she fucked like a sweet slutty porn star (bro)
tears in a barrel (watt)
summerly stasis (kc)


give me tha finger! (kc)
in a non-fascist salute (watt)
wearing only a blindfold, she learns braille (bro)
quicker than a cuss (mw)


young cool kids on a corner (mw)
cloud (kc)
the strip search/piss test/ soul-removal clinic (bro)
waiting for logos to dress and decide for them (watt)


drunken spring rolls w/ downhill stumble sauce (bro)
to 5:50 a.m. cold alarm (kc)
always moving forward (mw)
thinks sisyphus (watt)


welcome to lesbos county, (bro)
usa (mw)
chicks with guns (kc)
too many w/out puns (watt)


that great middle class (watt)
little attention to time (mw)
cold feet (kc)
left behind crippled in the dust of your history (bro)


riding transit your body (mw)
vacant nail biting (kc)
better learn to hold your mud (bro)
or puke up that six-pack of bud (watt)


tragic, wet fart (watt)
spoiled (mw)
frog plop sound (kc)
love/hate... pleasure/pain... it's a fine line (bro)


dart board target (mw)
heart clamp locket (watt)
I aim my poker penetration in the lil red zone (bro)
outside car alarms wail (kc)


in search of the ultimate groove (bro)
driving our father's car through (kc)
cactus in new mexico (mw)
like pelicans over pedro (watt)


brother elastic (mw)
econoized (watt)
seeks new shit filters as to waste no words (bro)
synonym: see "fear" (kc)


fat librarians (kc)
thundering (mw)
heaves and sighs (watt)
the lunch truck of life is overdue (bro)

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