THE GOLDEN SECRET


The human race will begin solving its problems on the day that it
ceases taking itself so seriously.

    To that end, POEE proposes the countergame of NONSENSE AS
SALVATION.  Salvation from an ugly and barbarous existence that is the
result of taking order so seriously and so seriously fearing contrary
orders and disorder, that GAMES are taken as more important than LIFE;
rather than taking LIFE AS THE ART OF PLAYING GAMES.

    To this end, we propose that man develop his innate love for
disorder, and play with The Goddess Eris.  And know that it is a
joyful play, and that thereby CAN BE REVOKED THE CURSE OF GREYFACE.

    If you can master nonsense as well as you have already learned to
master sense, then each will expose the other for what it is: 
absurdity.  From that moment of illumination, a man begins to be free
regardless of his surroundings.  He becomes free to play order games
and change them at will.  He becomes free to play disorder games just
for the hell of it.  He becomes free to play neither, or both.  And as
the master of his own games, he plays without fear, and therefore
without frustration, and therefore with good will in his soul and love
in his being.

And when men become free mankind will become free.
May you be free of The Curse of Greyface.
May the Goddess put twinkles in your eyes.
May you have the knowledge of a sage,
    and the wisdom of a child.
Hail Eris.                                                      T'AI
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