MALIK to Mal-2  pg. 2

In fact you might still push Vennard's _The Federal Reserve Hoax_: 
"Since the Babylonian Captivity there has existed a determined,
behind-the-scenes, under-the-table, atheistic, satanic, anti-Christian
force -- worshippers of Mammon -- whose undying purpose is world
control through the control of Money.  July 1, 1776 [correct that to
May 1st -- Vennard can't get anything right] the Serpent raised its
head in the underground secret society known as the Illuminati,
founded by Adam Weishaupt.  There is considerable documentary evidence
to prove all revolutions, wars, depressions, strikes, and chaos stem
from this source."  Etc., etc.  You know the stuff.

The general location of our U.S. HQ, incidentally, has been nearly
exposed; and so we will be moving for the first time this century
(what a drag!).  If you want, you can reveal that it is located deep
in the labyrinth of sewers beneath Dealy Plaza in Dallas, and is
presided over by the Dealy Lama.  Enclosed are some plans for several
new potential locations.  Please review and add any comments you feel
pertinent, especially regarding the Eristic propensity of the Pentagon

Oh, and we have some good news for you, Brother Mal!  You know that
Zambian cybernetics genius who joined us?  Well, he has secretly
coordinated the FBI computers with the Zurich System and our
theoreticians are in ecstasy over the new information coming out. 
Look, if you people out there can keep from blowing yourselves up for
only two more generations, then we will finally have it.  After 20 000
years, Kull's dream will be realized!  We can hardly believe it.  But
the outcome is certain, given the time.  Our grandchildren, Mal!  If
civilization makes it through this crisis, our grandchildren will
live in a world of authentic freedom and authentic harmony and
authentic satisfaction.  I hope I'm alive to see it, Mal, success is
in our grasp.  Twenty thousand years...!

Ah, I get spaced just thinking about it.  Good luck on the
_Principia._  Ewige Blumenkraft!  HAIL ERIS.

                                                       Love, MAD MALIK
                                               [A fingerprint follows]

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