10.  During and after the Fall of the Establishment of Bureaucracy
was the Aftermath, an Age of Disorder in which calculation,
computations, and reckonings were put away by the Children of Eris in
Acceptance and Preparation for Return to Oblivion to be followed by a
Repetition of the Universal Absurdity.  Moreover, of Itself the Coming
of Aftermath waseth a Resurrection of the Freedom-flowing Chaos.  HAIL
    11.  Herein was set into motion the Eristic Pattern, which would
Repeat Itself Five Times Over Seventy-three Times, after which nothing
would happen.


* This doctrine should not be confused with DOGMA III -- HISTORY #6,
"HISTORIC CYCLES," which states that social progress occurs in five
cycles, the first three ("The Tricycle") of which are THESIS,
ANTITHESIS and PARENTHESIS; and the last two ("The Bicycle") of which

** The LAW OF NEGATIVE REVERSAL states that if something does -not-
happen then the exact opposite _will_ happen, only in exactly the
opposite manner from that in which it did not happen.

NOTE:  It is from this text from The Book of Uterus, that POEE has
based its Erisian Calendar with the year divided into 6 Seasons of 73
days each.  Each of the Five Apostles of Eris has patronage over one


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