MEANWHILE, at the Chinese laundromat...

                DOGMA I - METAPHYSICS #2, "COSMOLOGY"*

                        THE BOOK OF THE UTERUS
                     from The Honest Book of Truth
                         revealed to Lord Omar


    1.  Before the beginning was the Nonexistent Chao, balanced in
Oblivion by the Perfect Counterpushpull of the Hodge and the Podge.
    2.  Whereupon, by an Act of Happenstance, the Hodge began
gradually to overpower the Podge - and the Primal Chaos thereby came
to be.
    3.  So in the beginning was the Primal Chaos, balanced on the Edge
of Oblivion by the Perfect Counterpushpull of the Podge and the Hodge.
    4.  Whereupon, by the Law of Negative Reversal,** the Podge
swiftly underpowered the Hodge and Everything broke loose.
    5.  And therein emerged the Active Force of Discord, the Subtle
Manifestation of the Nonexistent Chao, to guide Everything along the
Path back to Oblivion - that it might not become lost among Precepts
of Order to the Region of Thud.
    6.  Forasmuch as it was Active, the Force of Discord entered the
State of Confusion, wherein It copulated with the Queen and begat
ERIS, Our Lady of Discord and Gross Manifestation of the Nonexistent
    7.  And under Eris Confusion became established, and was hence
called Bureaucracy; while over Bureaucracy Eris became established,
and was hence called Discordia.
    8.  By the by it came to pass that the Establishment of
Bureaucracy perished in a paper shortage.
    9.  Thus it was, in accord with the Law of Laws.
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