THE POEE MYSTEREE OATH                                  G3400
The Initiate swears the following:                       DMTS
FLYING BABY SHIT!!!!!                                     19

(Brothers of the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria sect may wish to
substitute the German:
or perhaps                                                   "FOREIGN"
which is Ewige Blumenkraft in Polish.)

                                                The recent expose that
                                                  Mr. Momomoto, famous
                                              Japanese who can swallow
[Illustration:  a fish biting                 his nose, cannot swallow
a fishing lure that is the Five          his nose but his brother can,
Fingered Hand of Eris]                      has been exposed!  It _is_
                                                  Mr. Momomoto who can
                                                 swallow his nose.  He
                                                 swallowed his brother
                                                 in the summer of '44.

Corrections to last week's copy:  Johnny Sample is
offensive cornerback for the New York Jets, not fullback
as stated.  Bobby Tolan's name is not Randy, but mud.  All
power to the people, and ban the fucking bomb.

                                             "This Statement is False"
                                                  (courtesy of POEE)

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