[Illustration:  a cockroach]    This is St. Gulik.  He is the Messenger
                                of the Goddess.  A different age from
                                ours called him Hermes.  Many people
                                have called him by many names.  He is
                                a Roach.

                       Legion of Dynamic Discord

    Recognize that the -- Discordian Society -- doth hereby certify

                           as a Legionnaire

                                         Glory to we children of ERIS!

                                   Presented under the auspices of our
                                         Lady of Discord, ERIS, by
                                    the House of the Apostles of ERIS.
                                                    \  /
[Illustration:  the                               --------
Golden Apple]                                       /  \
      D S                               OFFICE OF MY HIGH REVERENCE
                                       MALALCYPSE THE YOUNGER, K.S.C.
                                         OPOVIG -- HIGH PRIEST POEE

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