full service love kafka character: part VII


kevin costello, brother matt, matt wascovich and mike watt


discovering new history
flooded w/buckets of pisstory
all glocks are locked
stopped angry adults


pitcher of orange sun is poured into my
windowpane, way way high, summer
is a calendar, and
it is july and am still fat


fuck it. I'll just stand in the rain
slipping, then tripping
down in the bilge, knee deep shit flood surprise
USA in the crosshairs


pulled over in LA
bee buzz siesta
dreaming of pretty little senoritas
I mean, senorita


human ant farm delirium
underground tunnels from here to China
transport handful after handful of
crud, dog paddle down the river


mistakes have been made
and dicks have been frayed
in poser speak,
I'm glad fugazi never "made it"


there once was a Watt gig in Natuckett
where I choked and had to say "fuck it"
he lowered the E to D and stuck it
broke a string and had to chuck it


BMX plywood ramps
held up a table top too long,
in other words...
extreme bender, broken dick ouch


in social hall, the old Slovaks bicker
rum-soaked nard licker
cold-sober clock ticker
gin'll make your hair sicker


sweet siesta daydreams
late night fright screams
knocking at the apartment door
prophetic barks from the death bed


wrapped in thrift
fosters in an oil can
at back harbor chowder barge pitstop
did I make my nightly shitdrop


a protect and serve hoax
was foisted on the folks
I'll show you white knuckle fear
traded in a hood for mirror glasses


for the rapscallion's tallywacker to
a dictionary got forced through
wet thumbing through foreign words
cracking up instead of cracking down


throw away the pictures
forced through the sieve
w/a sick thick chunky bunkness
attacked by hot snakes


stepping stone, milestone, tripwire
highline turpentine flyer
widening in a jameson whiskey gyre
kicking away catalogue fashion


whistler in the night
ding-a-dinger in the day
what time is it flava flave?
Clark Ave. flipped off


Lola commands
jingling keys and high heels clicking
balls hung out, zipper sticking
quick summer walk to the "king can" store


memories of the first amendment
peckers moaned but then condemned it
their fear lends them to bend it
never yell "FIRE!" in a crowded chat room


paranoid drug war witch hunt waste
packed into each tube of toothpaste
what you see is what you taste
I feel like john holmes blues


after vampire corporate peckerwood were found out
emptied suitcase, blood on bills
lets screw em like red light whores!
where are the great complainers now?


in sweat shop shirt
4:20 - burn bush
dump done, wipe tush
campy door stop foo dogs guarding


sat me up awake late
sat me down after the bake
questioning the worth of the space you take


her dog stopped to stare
totally exposed and unaware
pubes are flying everywhere
next to the chair, shaving naked


whores painting toenails
assessment is
dumb simple bliss goal gone
ken and barbie's doll house is up for sale


solid woody hero burns
buttermilk-belly ever churns
solid woody hero learns
dressed all in white among the ferns


daydreaming on carol doda's tits
cream of the crop, slipped in suit,
fucking good fun busters
for sucking off corn huskers


lotus eaters
from grape street to gompers
we see baggypants and stompers
itching w/ religion


admitting some truths creates
epic eternal mindblow
clicking the ruby slippers
limited, imperfect


my fist
balled-up all this time
the unfolding will continue
like hypocrisy


all coffeed up and the sweat is on
put aside the book,
bursting and then released!
today I will celebrate my birth, join me

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copyright 2000 full service love kafka character crew

all rights reserved

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