The second concept Wiener has to establish is that of entropy. 
Probability is a mathematical concept, coming from statistics. 
Entropy comes from physics.  It is the assertion -- established
logicallly and experimentally -- that the universe, by its nature, is
"running down," moving toward a state of inert uniformity devoid of
form, matter, hierarchy or differentiation.

    That is, in any given situation, less organization, more chaos, is
overwhelmingly more probable than tighter organization or more order.

    The tendency for entropy to increase in isolated systems is
expressed in the second law of thermodynamics -- perhaps the most
pessimistic and amoral formulation in all human thought.
    It applies, however, to a closed system, to something that is an
isolated whole, not just a part.  Within such systems there may be
parts, which draw their energy from the whole, that are moving, at
least temporarily, in the opposite direction; in them order is
increasing and chaos is diminishing.

    The whirlpools that swirl in a direction opposed to the main
current are called "enclaves."  And one of them is life, especially
human life, which in a universe moving inexorably towards chaos moves
toward increased order.

PLANETARY PI, which I discovered,
is 61.  It's a Time-Energy relationship
existing between sun and inner planets          If the telephone
and I use it in arriving at many facts          rings today...
unknown to science.  For example,               Water it!
multiply nude earth's circumference            -- Rev. Thomas, Gnostic
24 902.206 56 by 61 and you get the                       N.Y.C. Cabal
distance of moon's orbit around the
earth.  This is slightly less than
actual distance because we have not
yet considered earth's atmosphere.  So
be it.  Christopher Garth, Evanston.

"I should have been a plumber."
              -- Albert Einstein

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