[Illustration:  a confusion mish-mash of images, drawings, and
pictures, including:  a middle finger extended, the golden apple, the
emblem on the back of the dollar bill which has the eye-in-the-
pyramid, a cannon with a mouth on the end, and so on.]

      |                 THE BEARER OF THIS CARD                 |
      |               IS A GENUINE AND AUTHORIZED               |
      |                         P O P E                         |
      |                So PLEASE Treat Him Right                |
      |                                                         |
      |                      GOOD FOREVER                       |
      |                                                         |
      | Genuine and authorized by the HOUSE of APOSTLES of ERIS |
      | ------------------------------------------------------- |
      |        Every man, woman and child on this Earth         |
      |            is a genuine and authorized Pope.            |
      |       Reproduce and distribute these cards freely       |
      |         P.O.E.E. -- Head Temple, San Francisco          |

A =POPE= is someone who is not under the authority of the authorities

[Illustration:  a block of stone
with a hole in the center, and
through the hole an eye is peering
out.  Written on the stone are
the words, "THOU ART WHOLE"]                                       O K

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