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If you like Erisianism as it is presented according to Mal-2, then you
may wish to form your own POEE CABAL as a POEE PRIEST and you can go
do a bunch of POEE Priestly Things.  A "POEE Cabal" is exactly what
you think it is.

The High Priest makes no demands on his Priests, though he does rather
expect good will of them.  The Office of the Polyfather is to point,
not to teach.  Once in a while, he even listens.

Should you find that your own revelations of the Goddess become
substantially different than the revelations of Mal-2, then perhaps
the Goddess has plans for you as an Episkopos, and you might consider
creating your own sect from scratch, unhindered.  Episkoposes are not
competing with each other, and they are all POEE Priests anyway (as
soon as I locate them).  The point is that Episkoposes are developing
separate paths to the Erisian mountain top.  See the section
"Discordian Society."


There are no particular qualifications for Ordination because if you
want to be a POEE Priest then you must undoubtedlly qualify.  Who
could possible know better than you whether or not you should be

An ORDINED POEE PRIEST or PRIESTESS is defined as "one who holds an
Ordination Certificate from the Office of the Polyfather."

        Seek into the Chao if you wouldst be wise
        And find ye delight in Her Great Surprise!
        Look into the Chao if you wantest to know
        What's in a Chao and why it ain't so!
                      HBT; The Book of Advice, 1:1

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