DO YOU REMEMBER?

1.  Polite children will always remember that a church is the
    __________ of __________.

                            by Rev. Dr. Mungojerry Grindlebone, K.O.B.
                                Episkopos, The Rayville Apple Panthers

Onward Christian Soldiers,
Onward Buddhist Priests.                 Mr. Momomoto, famous Japanese
Onward, fruits of Islam,                 who can swallow his nose, has
Fight 'till you're deceased.            been exposed!  It was recently
Fight your little battles,             revealed that it was Momomoto's
Join in thickets fray;                  brother who has been doing all
For the Greater Glory,                        of this nose swallowing.
of Dis-cor-di-a.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,                        [Illustration:  a flag]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.                      Heute die Welt
Blffffffffffft!                         Morgens Das Sonnensystem

                     Abbey of the Barbarous Relic

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