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BATTLE HYMN OF THE ERISTOCRACY                                      

                  by Lord Omar                                      
Mine brain has meditated on the spinning of The Chao;               
It is hovering o'er the table where the Chiefs of Staff are now
Gathered in discussion of the dropping of the Bomb;
Her Apple Corps is strong!
                                                If a quixotic Socrates
CHORUS                                               studied Zen under
Grand (and gory) Old Discordja                               Zorba...?
Grand (and gory) Old Discordja
Grand (and gory) Old Discordja
Her Apple Corps is strong!

She was not invited to the party that they held on Limbo Peak;*
So She threw a Golden Apple, 'sted of turn'd t'other cheek!
O it cracked the Holy Punchbowl and it made the nectar leak
Her Apple Corps is strong!

* "Limbo Peak" refers to Old Limbo Peak, commonly called by the Greeks
"Ol' Limb' Peak."

"The tide is turning...the enemy is suffering terrible losses..."
                                                -- Gen. Geo. A. Custer

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