Uncle Ray


thank FUCK they cheated
Hickory Farms cheese wheel
to the Supreme Court
sent one to Bill Clinton too
props to Florida as well


they're having a war
with an invisible foe
slug the tarbaby
throw us in the briar patch
no place like home for us grunts

throw out the first pitch
when someone yells incoming
kiss your ass goodbye
we had a field of dreams
it turned into a nightmare

let's play Where's Waldo
every time we leave the house
a nuke in Detroit?
maybe a truck at the curb?
winter in America

don't kill our peasants
who will run the factories?
not the president
or his bad-ticker V.P.
watching M*A*S*H in the bunker

the best trick of all
we sold this war to the grunts
after we caused it
they always kill each other
we say better them than us

feed them then bomb them
this sounds like the war on drugs
give a man a fish
then pass a law against fish
Kafka was an optimist

down at the nuke plant
airplane sound effects are banned
look up in the sky
geese are flying south right now
they know we're the enemy

bombs with video
same as cartoons to our kids
recruit them at malls
they will kill for Air Jordans
and wear them into battle

out in the water
the Statue of Liberty
put up a stop sign
her back to the Indians
the golden door is broken

the apocalypse
brought to you by (your name here)
screw the recession
you work with what you're given
lemons from Revelations

don't drink the water
you better not breathe the air
the food could kill you
don't you miss the good old days?
when murder was less foreign?

put on a target
squirrel season starts at home
you laughed at PETA?
the shoe's on the other foot
in your high-rise slaughterhouse

dig our butter gun
gonna throw down on you ghosts
with some chow bullets
a little feast from the sky
some cluster bombs for dessert

bad science fiction
villains with a holy cause
lies intrigue deceit
climate imported from Mars
extras dying by the score

bomb West Virginia?
this war is where you find it
drop jobs from a plane
leaflets of explanation
then we'll bring in the B-2s

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