watt's pedalin' path

pedro bound!

I'm pedro bound, that sailor's town
I got my orders and lighted out

when I got down to pedro town
got me a bike to have a look around

went south on pacific
'till I hit land's end
starboard on shepard
down to point fermin
heard the yammerin' parrots
I call the 'loudmen'

crack of dawn with an orange sun
eye gifts flowin', one after one

paseo del mar
was my pedalin' path
checked royal palms
and heard the ocean laugh
at the trailer park
turned 'round and came back

watched catalina as east I rode
saw sunken city and the cliffs all throwed

then cabrillo beach
to the end of the pier
to what was fort mac
now a marina's here
22nd to canetti's
down to warehouse one

fishing fleet, tug fleet, fireboat house
vincent thomas bridge all stretched out

a local 13 longie
shook me his hook
'membered bloody thursday
and the lives it took
he's a longshoreman,
a pedro man!

I'm pedro bound, that sailor's town
I think I've found my home town -
pedro now, I'm forever bound

(lyrics: watt)

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