ed crawford

   edward blew everyone's mind (including watt's) when he found watt's phone number in the phone book (didn't know you had to pay to be unlisted, do now) and just rang up saying he wanted to come out to cali and play. so in the spring of 1986, edward came to pedro and became ed fROMOHIO. he lived his first nine months in pedro under my homemade desk in my tiny one room apartment on fourteenth street. we recorded the first fIREHOSE album, "ragin' full-on" and a couple of months later headed off on our first tour, opening for sonic youth during the "flaming telepaths tour" that fall.

   over the next seven and a half years, edward sang and played his heart out w/watt and george, doing five albums (plus a live ep) and at least fifteen tours in the u.s. and europe. much respect to edward, who helped watt at a critical time, just after d. boon getting killed in a van accident. it was his courage and determination that impressed the two pedro dudes to open up their van to him and join in the ritual of the power trio. we had lots of laughs and good times up and down the byways of the towns and the lands, sharpening the three-way into one formidable touring machine. our last tour (the "48 state 'cuda bake") was seventyone gigs in seventythree days, fiftysix of the gigs in a row, a tour in which we did the fortyeight continental states and three provinces of canada in one throw.

   edward is a hell of a man and has definitley paid his dues. he lives in north carolina now and has started a new trio called grand national so watch for them soon.

shot of ed crawford in 1986

gainesville, fl - 1986
playing at mfp
on their first u.s. tour
(opening for sonic youth)

shot of ed crawford in 1987

somewhere in america - 1987

shot of ed crawford in 1989

somewhere in america - 1989

shot of ed crawford in 1990

somewhere in america - 1990

shot of ed crawford in 1991

westwood, ca - 1991
during lunchtime at ucla

shot of ed crawford in 1992

somewhere in america - 1992

shot of ed crawford in 1998

chapel hill, nc - 1998
w/ grand national
photo by daniel coston

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