this band was formed in 1986 and was pretty much an experiment and education for me. you see, d. boon and me never played w/a keyboard players when we were young cuz we never knew any, none of them lived where we did (the park western area of san pedro). so after the minutemen, I thought I'd learn about this machine by making a band w/someone who played one. it was one of those learning by doing things. the band was just keyboard (mainly piano, played by paul roessler) and bass (me, watt). we did mainly compositions by paul but I did a couple too. we released a two song 7" ("reverence" b/w "st. pete") and a six song 12" e.p., both on new alliance records, in '86 and 89, respectively. our last gig was about two years ago so we haven't been that active lately. I really dig paul for helping me w/learning about music, his spiels are invaluble.

shot of crimony in 1986

hollywood, ca - 1986
(from left) mike watt, paul roessler

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