joe carducci

   this guy helped run sst records from 1981 to 1986. he wrote a trippy book called "rock and the pop narcotic". he also wrote the lyrics to "jesus and tequila", a minutemen song and "chinese firedrill" from watt's wrestlin' record. he lives now in laramie, wyoming and is trying to get a film company off the ground called provisional (laramie, wy 82073-0757, ph. 307-742-3418) that has among it's releases "sir drone" and "weatherman 69", raymond pettibon video movies which I am featured in. he's also got a music label going again called owned and operated (p.o. box 36, ft. collins, co 80522, ph. 970-416-7855). best of luck to joe, I try to help him out when I can.

shot of joe carducci in 1985

hawthorne, ca - 1985
at the sst records office

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